20 July 2006

Anatomy practice - Copying the Masters

I've been doing a few heads based on old masters paintings and sculpture (initiated by the CGTalk board anatomy thread here . Check out the thread to see more of the original images). I've only done a few so far, because they always take longer than I think.

Here's the original image:

And my interpretation. I thought I'd do it in colour... make it harder for myself, why don't I. I'm a glutton for punishment! ;o)

Original:My go:

Below, I decided to try some pencils (well, actually it's still drawn in Painter), because the colour heads were taking too long ('bout 2hrs each). And I was supposed to be doing something else.


My attempt (I actually think it may have been easier in colour!):
It's quite strange drawing from old masters. You tend to notice all sorts of discrepancies in the anatomy. For instance I found the right eye of the girl in the painting to be very low...but it looks ok in the painting. However trying to make my black and white image similar without looking like her eye had slipped down her face was tricky... yet this is an exercise in learning from copying, not in correcting what you think is wrong, and who am I to correct an old master anyway! It's a fun exercise!


Jonathan said...

Great work, Fiona, nice form. Hard to believe they're digital, almost.

FES said...

Cheers Jonathan!