04 April 2007

Thank Gawd for Google!

I build myself a new PC in the last few days, as my old system didn't have enough ooph anymore to cope with the large files I have. Everything went fairly smoothly apart from the old cut here and there from sharp parts (why do so many bits that go into a PC seem to have razorlike edges?!?) and a few swear words when screws didn't want to screw in properly... but it was up and running almost with no hitches or major crashes.

So after fiddling around with stuff and updating stuff I think to myself... well it's time to knuckle down and draw something. So, I try to boot up Painter X.... and up comes this error message

"This copy of painter has been damaged or illegally modified. Please reinstall from your original disks".

"What!?!? " I say to myself "oh oh"

So I try to repair it. I uninstall it. I reinstall it.

Still I get the same bloomin' message. I know this isn't the end of the world. Painter IX.5 still works fine.... but I HATE it when things don't work and I don't know why. And I'd only just bought the upgrade too....

So I Google it. And thank goodness there is one English response with exactly the same error message. It was on a Dealtime review here (basically search for and delete all registry entries called "Protexis" (I think it was about 2 entries), being carefully not to touch anything else in case you completely wreck your PC). Thank you theuerkorn who ever you are.... you saved my bacon! After doing what you said Painter X is now working fine!



Just thought I'd add a little update for anyone with this problem. I passed on the info on another forum board (TalkGraphics.com see thread HERE) and it seems you have to delete the Protexis files after installation, but before trying to open the program.

So after uninstalling and then reinstalling Painter, do START>>RUN>>typeREGEDIT Search for all PROTEXIS files [two of them] and DELETE (being careful that's all you delete - remember to backup the reg first just in case). And only then open the program.

Maybe that's what I did without remembering I did it. Ah well. ;o)