20 December 2006

Christmas Bears

I haven't gone to any Christmas Parties this year. The one drawback of being freelance is that there isn't even a Christmas do! So because I'm feeling the distinct lack of Christmas cheer, here are a few Christmas Polar Bears (which I actually did last year - but as I haven't got time to do any Christmasy images at the moment, they'll have to do).

Monster Fur

This week on the workshop I'm doing (at the CGSociety) we're looking at texture, which includes hair/fur. So this is my first quick hairy monster (and friends).

18 December 2006

Little Green Monster

Here's a little green chap. He's waiting for something, but don't ask me what!?

13 December 2006

Go on... just one more monster

Well I squeezed in one more monster of the horn/tooth variety. This one was relatively quick, as I did it between midnight and 2am. Who says you don't have time for art?! ;o)

11 December 2006

Tooth and Horns Monster

Here's my monster for the final of the Teeth and Horns week. I can never seem to do really scary monsters.... it's most frustrating. Oh well. Practice make perfect (maybe).

08 December 2006

Gruesome Gums

Following on the teeth theme, here's a mouth for you. Lovely gubbily eh!! Really fun to paint, but hard to chew with!

07 December 2006

Monster Teeth

Ok... so here's my go at monster teeth and drool. I looked at some ref pics first, but didn't refer to them after the initial gander. Feel the drool!

Horns - not trumpets!

This week on my online course is Teeth... but horns come under the heading too. Here was my attempt at a horn. No ref used.

Many Eyed Monster

I tried to do a many eyed jellyfish type of monster. But I don't think I quite got the jellyfishness. I had to do it on my laptop at my mothers house... that's my excuse! ;o)

Plus I had no reference material and had to rely on my peanut brain.

Eyes 2

Here are some more eyes using reference. Again done in Painter IX.5 inbetween 30-50mins each.


I'm doing a course on CGTalk at the moment 'monster painting'. First week we looked at eye's.

Here's some practice eye's that I did using reference. They're all in Painter IX.5 and took 30 - 50 mins each to complete.