10 October 2006

Copying old masters

I've been copying some more old masters... well bits of 'em anyway, inspired by the "Anatomy Lesson Series - Body Part 2: The Torso" thread on CGTalk.

I wanted to study skin tone as well as anatomy, because I never seem to paint in life drawing, I only use charcoal.

I've alway liked Rubens so I did a few of his. This is part of the orginal:

Here's my go:

Mr Rubens No. 2:

And My attempt:
Click on mine for a closer look. Hopefully I'll do a few more... I must admit I enjoyed doing them.

These were done in Painter IX. Previously I had trouble trying to do skin in painter, but I think I've got the hang of it (sort of)


Jonathan said...

The sillhouete's great Fiona. Very dynamic and great textures in the lines.

..but gadzooks! these are astonishing, fantastic, masterful pieces of work. I love the flesh tones.

FES said...

Why thank you Jonathan! :o)

Jonathan said...

If you look at the first one, it's difficult not to think that it was actually based on a male model. The forms of the left arm are all very masculine indeed, as is the muscle on the top of the thigh, and the trunk isn't exactly the 'hourglass' you'd expect.It's her implants that give the game away though! They're more like bizarrely inflated nipples than boobs.

Maybe it was from Ruben's 'Ladyboy' period which art historians don't like to talk about.

Fine rendering though; The translucency reminds me of Ron Mueck sculptures.

FES said...

Hah hah! Yes in quite a lot of Rubens pictures it looks like he's pinned comedy boobs on a male model (however beautifully done)... on the top one they are rather round, pert and central to say the least!

I also wouldn't like to arm wrestle with her.

I saw Ron Mueck's "Dead Dad" sculpture many moons ago at the Sensation exhibition at the RA. What detail and skill he must have!... but the subject matter was somewhat disturbing!