19 August 2007

Thinking of sketching reminds me of life drawing..

Thinking of sketching reminds me of life drawing and that I miss doing it. I was going to a life drawing session that got canned because the venue was closing. So then I tried to go to one that was further away, which was really good because it was longer and had two models... but it was late on Friday night's and very inconvenient to get to, so I stopped at the end of last year. I'd really like to get back into it.

Here's a pastel sketch from one of the last sessions. Because of the longer class length I was able to do colour work where previously I'd only been doing short pencil or charcoal sketches:

I've got most of my life drawing up on this thread HERE on the CGTalk website, if anyone's interested (obviously loads of nudity!)


clare said...

I love the colours, Fiona. I do hope you find a closer/more convenient life drawing session.

I've just tagged you to post 8 random things - see my blog for full details

natural attrill said...

I agree, I think the colours you have created on the models skin look beautiful!
Hope you find another life class soon.

Jonathan said...

Even the charcoaled soles of the feet from walking across the room.. Nice.

sOz said...

oh !
one of the best nude I ever seen. She seem to be alive. I'm impressed.

Shelley Whiting said...

I really like the black in the background. Your use of color is incredible.