22 November 2007

Life Drawing Pastels

I've been very busy of late, so have been amiss in putting anything new up. Here's some recent pastel drawings from some life drawing classes that I've just about been able to squeeze into my schedule.

This one was done over two 45 minute sessions

And this one was just 45 minutes:

I wish the poses were over a longer time.


Andrew Glazebrook said...

Your life drawing work is great, 45 mins too, it would take me 45 days to get even close to this !! :)

stephenmakesart said...

this is strange, he needs a beer! LOL

Gerard said...

Great work, the direction of the pastels and the strong use of colours really lends life to the drawings

Daniel said...

Wonderful use of warm and cool in your drawings Fiona.

Stephen said...

Nice Pastel work. Very artistic. I like your thoughts.